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Beginning in Newark, New Jersey in 2001, 714 Panthera emerged with passion and drive. This team is and always has been highly inclusive and involved. Although 714 went through a lot of graduates, all the students shared the same commitment to contribution and participation.

We honor our previous coaches, Mr. Bahig Michaels, Mr. Firas Omar, and Mr. Daniel Sylvester. We also honor our previous principal who started this program, Ms. Mona Dana.

"The robotics students have been my favorite groups of students. The discipline required to be involved in an activity like this sets them apart from others." -Mrs. Skillern, when being asked about her opinion and perspective on the 714 students that graduated throughout the years.


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Technology High School’s robotics program is an after school activity that is determined to motivate young individuals to indulge in their passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. Our students learn to practice leadership, initiative, involvement, and innovation...not only do we build robots, but we build the prospering engineers of the future.

Robotics is a program that demonstrates growth within interest. We implement passion and enthusiasm for an after school club into the passion for career-inclusive work. Our students occupy themselves in activities that require them to work with their hands and brainstorm ideas using personal creativity and problem solving abilities, proving useful to the development of the student’s academic, technical, and employability skills needed to be aligned to industry trends.

Our program is open to young men and women from the grades 9 through 12. The principles of robotics and building robots plays into our mission of building people. Alongside the process of building parts, connecting wires, and improving gameplay, we aim to build the integrity of America’s future engineers, connect individuals with similar aspirations, and improve the skills needed to lead in the technical world.

714 emphasizes the importance of giving back. Although our team has faced numerous challenges and setbacks, we don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to our community. Sportsmanship and professionalism are principles to integrity and with the rectitude we display, we hope that the students would acknowledge and carry that manner with them in their paths. We open our workshop to fellow Newark teams such as Malcolm X Shabazz’s Team 8706 Bulldogs and Barringer’s Team 6943 Blue Bears. Our support extends beyond Newark, being the rookie mentor of Team 8630 CAPS Robotics. Our group of students assists the building process of other school’s robots and attends their competitions to provide even more support. Through the aid that we provide, we contribute to a more collaborative society, creating positive effects and enhancing perspectives.

Building Integrity, Connecting Individuals, and Improving Skills